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History of SGraph

SGraph description

08.1998 v.1.0
First version was publicized as Simple Graph 1.0 for Delphi 3.

09.1998 v.1.0e
Bug with punning without ticks was fixed. Units for Delphi 2 and Delphi 4 was added.

10.1998 v.1.1
Bug in autoscaling was fixed. Tsp_XYLine was rewritten. Now it also can draw points markers.

11.1998 v.1.2 
There was problem with help files, and problem with archive on DSP. In this version : Help file, Demo program and sgr_data.pas was changed. Main units was not changed.

01.1999 v.2.0 
There are no serious changes of components, but now full source was included.

06.1999 v.2.1
First of all now history has 4 digits year (strive with problem 2000 :-). 
Part of Tsp_Axis was rewritten, some bugs was fixed (and new added). See help file for new properties LabelAsData, Caption new methods SetMinMax, MoveMinMax and notes about Axis Limits. Add to Tsp_DataSeries property Legend and method DrawLegendMarker. Border drawing was changed. Demo program and help file were modified.

07.1999 v.2.2
Bug added in v2.1 was fixed. Demo program was rewritten, more advanced print procedure and legend table example were added.  Method DrawLegendMarker was implemented for Tsp_XYLine.

10.1999 v.2.21
Minor bug in DrawBorder which was added in v2.1 now was fixed. Silly but heavy bugs in Tsp_XYLine.DeleteRange was fixed. Help file was changed, some topic was edited, important function Tsp_XYLine.GetX and GetY was described. Add TrendDemo program.

01.2000 v.2.3
Tsp_XYDataSeries, Tsp_XYLine were considerably edited. Bugs was fixed. Tsp_PointAttr was changed to permit independent selection of point and line draw attributes. TDrawCustomPointEvent was changed. Draw and DrawLegendMarker was redesigned (see help file).
Tsp_Scale Magic value TicksCount=5 was made ordinary. Add new axis property TicksAdjusted to make on/off smart_round ticks (see help file), replace published property NoTicks by property TicksLines.
Tsp_XYPlot has new property PanCursor to select mouse cursor for panning.
Tsp_PlotMarker was inserted into the plot system. Tsp_LineMarker and Tsp_ImageMarker was added on this base.

02.2001 v.2.4
sgr_scale was corrected to solve the problem in Borland C++ Builder. Bug in Tsp_SpectrLines was fixed. New series Tsp_ndsXYLine was added.

Sergei. P. Pod'yachev. Novosibirsk, Russia.